What A Trip To Turkey Taught Us About The World

This is a story about going halfway around the world, 5100 miles as the crow flies, to a very foreign land, only to be reminded of how similar we all are, how we can be separated by thousands of miles and contrasting cultures but how there will always be more that unites us.

5 Awesome Nights in Philly

Like most great cities, Philadelphia is defined by its many distinctive neighborhoods. Each part of the city of brotherly love puts its own unique spin on dining, shopping and nightlife.

10 Ways to Raise a Leader, Not a Follower

Each spring for the past nine years, Walt Disney World plays host to 100 of the brightest high school kids in the country. The location makes perfect sense because there’s no better venue for young people to grow their dreams than the very place that was born out of the grandest dream of them all.... Continue Reading →

Nurturing Entrepreneurship in Kids

I’m trying to nurture their entrepreneurship as best I can, to share the knowledge I’ve gained by starting my own businesses, working in the corporate world and navigating social media marketing, without stepping on their toes or throwing down a soft blanket to brace a fall.

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