Plum Organics Dear Dad Who Just Had A Daughter Commercial Script

For Father's Day 2016, I was contracted by Plum Organics to write the script for a commercial. The end result was this hilarious-acted monologue entitled "Dear Dad Who Just Had Daughters"

Is saving for your kids’ college really a good idea?

I was interviewed by Joe Heim for, and landed a couple juicy quotes in, his college savings piece published in the Washington Post Sunday Magazine on November 1, 2013.

What A Trip To Turkey Taught Us About The World

This is a story about going halfway around the world, 5100 miles as the crow flies, to a very foreign land, only to be reminded of how similar we all are, how we can be separated by thousands of miles and contrasting cultures but how there will always be more that unites us.

Nurturing Entrepreneurship in Kids

I’m trying to nurture their entrepreneurship as best I can, to share the knowledge I’ve gained by starting my own businesses, working in the corporate world and navigating social media marketing, without stepping on their toes or throwing down a soft blanket to brace a fall.

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